Jesus Burger

Feeling spiritually hungry,
I stopped by at an
Internet writers' joint,
Where I was served with
A Jesus burger, well done,
On a mystic Sufi bun,
With kosher pickles,
Kabbalic lettuce and
Shamanic tomatoes,
With that secret Zen sauce
And transcendental Maya,
With a large order of
Wicca fries and a bottle
Of flavored holy water,
And I ate it all up
Hook, line and sinker
Until I got a heartburn
From all the baloney -
So I started writing
My postmodern Marxist
Slogans that New Age
Consciousness is the
McDonald's of the masses.

March 26,2006

by Alexander Shaumyan

Comments (2)

Your title pulled me in and I wasn't dissappointed. Great poem Alexander. I love how you kept the theme the whole way through this poem. Excellent! Sincerely, Mary
A really smart and funny poem. Love the social commentary.