Jesus Christ Greatest Miracle

Poem By LoKis White

A Blind Man once asked a JAH:
Is there anything worse than losing your Eyes (eye sight) ?
JAH replied:
Yes of-course... losing your 'VISION'.
According to the Gospels JESUS CHRIST preformed a number of miracles. The miracles of JESUS are the supernatural indeed. Some believe these miracles are actual historical events while other considers these stories to be figurative.
Literal or not these miracles showed mankind the power of JAH. From raising Lazarus from the dead to changing water into wine; these miracles are great no doubt. I believe the greatest miracle HE preformed was making a blind man from birth able to see. John 9 1-10(KJV) .
According to John Jesus literal made clay, put it on the man eyes and then anointed the man eyes. Jesus told him to go wash his eyes out then he was able to see for the first time in his life. This was a great miracle better yet this was the greatest miracle of all; it was even greater than the virgin birth (I can talk later about this) .
I believe the point the writer of the story was trying to say was that the man was blind to the world around him. He only saw what he wanted to see LIKE MOST OF US DO. He could see the big picture; he refuses to understand life. He could determine who was friend or foe. He was stuck in his ways; he was too much into his self. Everything he thought was about himself. ME THIS ME THAT. When he met JESUS our lord and savor JESUS open his eyes figurative by let him see that the world was bigger than he was.
We all are blind to the world we are living in a world that only about ME. Everything is ME and what I want. If you look around the world you can see the ME attitude. The rich want to get richer. The poor people are stealing from each other. People no long care about their family. Doctors, family, and friends are telling us to find our happiness to forget about everybody else. All that matter is ME. WE NEED THAT CURE NO TO FIX OUR EYES. Like the blind man in John 9 1-10 most of us were blind form birth and see can't see.
Today I don't know why I am writing this or why I even care if you want to see or not. I believe it's my duty as a man of JAH is to tell you before it's too late for the world. We all need to ask the might JESUS TO OPEN OUR EYES LIKE HE DID SO LONG AGO. We need to fall to our knees and say to the MOST HIGH open my eyes so I can see beyond me. I don't want to beg anymore. I want to stand on my own. I want to know who my friends are and who my foes are. I want to see might JAH. I need to see before it's too late O' JAH. Amen.

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