Yes I Do!

Wait! Wait! Wait!
The clock hasn't yet stopped,
Though the mouth is dry and chopped,
But the ears are flat and open.
Hear the scripture reads...
Here the norm advocates;
Do you agree with the face?
Yes I do!

It's is okay!
Doesn't the sky also appear grey?
But before we close our eyes to prey,
And now that it's truly 'your' face,
The very real nibble you embrace
Before the lord and god of your faith,
Do you accept to love, cherish...
Yes I do!

Hold on!
Hold on your claps and yells,
Blessed is the heart that loves.
And you yoked yam,
You've just heard him surmount
He who makes things feel right,
Even when you know they are wrong...
Yes I do.

Well! Well!
To love is to dig a well,
So well you decide from nowhere.
To love is like to invest in a venture,
So you choose to risk losing your fate.
Then follows the journey hereafter,
Since so simple to say is the saying,
Yes I do.

by Pius Didier

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