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Jesus Has A Place For You And Me!
PM Patricia Martin ( / USA)

Jesus Has A Place For You And Me!

I wonder the Streets at Night
Didn't have no where to go
I'm weak and weary, tired and sore
I don't have a penny, for I'm so poor
I'm lonely, have not a friend around
Not even a place to lay my head
Except for on the ground
People stare at me, No one seems to care
You see I'm one who's Homeless
and my life is in such despair
I want my life to Change!
But I just don't know how
Then one day it happened
I couldn't believe my eyes, to my surprise
I had found, a pamphlet laying on the ground
What it stated, 'Want to Change Your Life'
'Believe in Jesus Christ''Become Born-again'
Then Your New Life with Him will begin!
On that day! I became Saved! Come Follow Jesus!
Jesus has a place for You and Me! Praise God!

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