Jesus Is Coming Soon

J-ust a little while the trumpet shall sound;
E-very man would have to give account.
S-tand fast in the liberty of Christ.
U-ntangle thyself from the yoke of bondage.
S-urely there shall wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I-n Christ Jesus there is hope of redemption.
S-alvation has been bought with his blood.

C-all upon Him and He will answer you.
O-vercome the world like He did, and-
M-ake haste to accept Him as your Lord.
I-n Him there is fullness of joy, and
N-othing is too difficult for him.
G-race be with you as you hearken to this call.

S-urrender your life, again I say surrender.
O-n Calvary Tree He suffered for you.
O-vercome every spirit of procrastination;
N-ow is the time, tomorrow may be too late.

by Frank Adie

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