Jesus Is The Answer

Poem By Linda Diane Wilkerson

Do you question the things of Sorrow?
Have you thoughts of what brings tomorrow?
Do you lie awake a night with fears?
Have you shed many tears?
Do you ever feel so blue?
You do not know what to do?
Does you live feel empty too.

“Jesus Is The Answer”

He can make a moon turn to sunshine
He can make the stars shine aglow
Yes, he can heal a broken heart
This I surely know.

“Jesus Is The Answer”

He can do everything in gladness
Even if our lives seem with so much sadness

Yes, oh yes, when we have no more heartache
He has filled that empty hole
Faith within us glows

Yes, oh, yes, my friend
I will say it until my days will end
“Jesus Is The Answer”
He has taken away all my sin.

(Oct 13,2005)

Comments about Jesus Is The Answer

Linda, I just sent you a comment on your last poem, but I re-read your bio, and noticed that you are Indian. My maiden name was Wilkinson, and lo and behold, my middle name is Ouida which my understanding is Indian. Unfortunately, I do not know which tribe, but I believe Ouida means, 'Indian Princess.' Guess I have a lot to live up to in that meaning................LOL! I was born in the Midwest - Iowa. God bless you!
Cool poem Linda, But i think the line 'Does you live feel empty' is supposed to be 'does your life feel empty'. Peace
I particularly like the line, 'Does you live feel empty too.'

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