Jesus Moves Me

JESUS moves me

JESUS moves me like no one can, he's the only one that understands
All the pains that I've been thru and never knowing what to do
My body is weak my mind the same
Yet I gain strength when I call his name.
He is our salvation our guiding light - he'll remove the devil from our sight.
His spirit comes to me when I hear his words
The most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

A vision in my mind telling me:I was crucified and died on the cross
Because of my father there was no loss - eternal life I share with him
To take away your mortal sins ".
There is no greater pain than to live in a world without Love hope and faith
That is only on the devil s plate feeding you all those lies of wealth and fame
So your soul he can claim.
JESUS moves me and I know he'll move you
With faith hope and love you'll feel it too.
© L. RMS011118

by louis rams

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