Jesus My Name Is Tommy

Jesus my name is Tommy
He prayed from his little breath
Lord, I'm only five
I think I'm close to death

I really don't know
If I'm old enough to pray
Lord, would you please listen
There's something I really need to say

I don't know if you can see me
I'm hiding from my dad
He's hurt my mommy, Jesus
And I think it's really bad

He's mad at me for telling
I used the phone to call
I had to help my mommy
But my body's just to small

I'm bleeding from my head
But that will be okay
I really need you for my mommy
I don't think she is awake

If you will help my mommy
I promise I'll be a good boy
I'll go to Sunday school
With others, I'll share my toys

I hear my daddy coming
He's yelling, I'll kill you son
Jesus are you listening
I think he's got a gun

I'm praying for my mommy
I love her this big
I really want her Jesus
I'm only just a kid

Jesus if daddy hurts me
And I don't see mommy again
Please help her bleeding
She's laying in the den

Jesus, I think you should know
My mommy watches me everyday
She makes sure I'm fed
She listens to everything I say

I have to be quiet now, Jesus
He's just about here
Go talk to my mommy
Please wipe away her tears

I'll be okay Jesus
Mommy says I'm really strong
She means inside of me
I try to do no wrong

One last thing Jesus
If I don't make it through
Will you tell my mommy, I love her
Can I come live with you

I don't know if you know me
My mommy always talks to you
I promise to be no trouble
I don't know what else to do

Jesus, I'm really getting sleepy
I need to close my eyes
You promise to wake me up
If my mommy starts to cry

Please, make sure she's okay
Tell her if I were only bigger
I'd take her far from here
I wouldn't let daddy hit her

Jesus, how long have I been asleep
I don't remember much at all
I saw my daddy's face
Then I heard you call

by Lagaya Evans

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