Jesus, My Saviour

I found love and joy today
A man called Jesus walked my way.
Tender, kind, compassionate too
He changed my heart and made it true.
Jesus, blessed Jesus-
Your gift of life for all
Forever we will show you love
Perfected in your great kingdom above
Jesus, blessed Jesus.
We praise your Holy Name. Tender, humble, merciful too
The Saviour has come
That we might be made New.
Dear Lord Jesus, oh, how we love you. You bore the marks of all our sins
Your body bruised and torn by men
Crying aloud your only thought
"Forgive them, Father, they
know not what---they do." You died for us
That we might live
You gave us all
you had to give
You paid the price
That we might know
The joy of life---abundantly so. Thank you, sweet Jesus
We praise your Holy Name.

by Carol O'Neil

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