Jesus Said.....

Poem By Yogi Sally Ann Slight

Along came Jesus and said... ''NO',
You're not for them,
send them below,
I'm raising You up,
here with Me,
I've seen something in You,
others don't see.
You will have so much,
Good work to do,
now hold on tight,
I will never leave You.''

So I'm making changes in my Life,
I may not return your call,
I have found a better brighter Light,
in my heart, since I chose to fall.

I fell into the darkness,
I fell into the sin,
but since you rang I decided to,
let the Light back in.

I'm moving ever upwards,
onward's, and to the Right,
I've learnt to stand on my own two feet,
I am better in a fight.

I'm taking proper guidance,
from Head Office's No.1,
they only send the best to me,
from my Father's Holy Son.

I know not all days will be rosy,
there will be sad and blue,
but now I know a better way,
His Love will pull me through.

I've found a calm and Peace within,
when the shouting has all stopped,
I stand and turn the other cheek,
'cos the penny has now dropped.

They say to be a Yogi,
you have the God's with you,
but without the Love of Jesus,
I wouldn't know what to do.

I've traveled far to study,
the ways of other men,
in the Temple Jesus called me,
and brought me home again.

So there are people out there,
when you haven't got a clue,
of knowing what to do in Life,
they show the way for you.

We are all at different stages,
of our Journey's don't you see,
and without the idol worship,
you would still be on your knees.

Asking God to show you,
what to do and where to go,
and then when it's brought to you,
You question them that know!

So once again we've brought you,
to the Peace and tranquility,
and still you want to question,
the way it's meant to be!

When the sun is shining,
go and sit beside the pool,
write a letter to Me,
and Love the better School.

The one who does deny Me,
who resists Me and My ways,
I brought you two together,
to Glorify my days.

''Live Long and Prosper'',
on the telly they do say,
I say, ''Love Thy Neighbor'',
for there is no other way.

Of getting through this story,
the one that I have writ,
4 I am God your Father,
so get along with IT.

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Mother, I'm really amazed at that you have completed 18 poems in no time. Nice is your expression to Jesus. I like it.

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