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Jesus Said-To Thee! Come! Follow Me!
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Jesus Said-To Thee! Come! Follow Me!

On This Day! Jesus said-To Thee!
Come! Follow Me!
Make the First start
Believe! Ask Jesus in Your Heart!
In-Live For Eternity!
Take the Second step
Repent! From Your sins! Become Born-again!
Because Jesus died - For Thee!
For on the Third Day! God had Jesus Raised!
He's The Truth! The Life! The Way!
For All to be Saved!
There was Four-Then More... And More!
Believers began to Pray!
Praising Him! Giving All Glory to God!
Witnessing in Every Way!
On This Day! Jesus said to Thee!
Come! Follow Me!

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Patricia what you have written is very good, and very true, thanks for sharing.