Jesus Sets Us Free

How much hurt and how many cries,
Will it take until you realize. There's only one Jesus in this life we go through,
But we have to serve Jesus, it's all up to you. This world has really done nothing for me,
When I turned to my Jesus He set me free. I can feel Jesus' love just flowing through me,
What a beautiful feeling of being set free! So won't you ask him shouldn't you try,
Fall down on your knees, He will certainly know why. What a wonderful Savior we should all serve,
Not just in spirit but in faith, deed, and word. But He has risen He's alive as can be,
He left that cross He has risen, you see. So why can't you tell HIm how much you care,
He's loving and wonderful, no one can compare. Oh, precious Jesus my Lord and my Savior,
You died for us, you're our eternal Lord and Savior. This isn't just a poem you merely read through,
Ask the Lord in your heart it's all up to you.

by Eva Fernandez

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