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Jesus The Nazarene
JAP (6/16/1950 / Shreveport, Louisiana)

Jesus The Nazarene

Poem By Judy Arline Puckett

The child of Joseph and Mary,
born a Nazarene,
Held in his mother's arms,
Held by His Father's dreams,
He would calm the storms,
He would reign king of kings,
In a manger born.
In a stable scene.
The child of Joseph and Mary,
born a Nazarene.
Like the star that was shining that night,
He would rise to be the world's light,
Most precious in His father's sight,
a lamb for the world
in a stable scene,
Was the child of Mary and Joseph,
born a Nazarene.
He would someday bare a cross,
for a world that is lost
and He would someday rise
Open your eyes to the gift of love,
born in a stable scene.
He ld in His mother's arms,
safe from life's storms,
held by His father's dreams,
Jesus the Nazarene

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