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Jesus Was Gay
(04-22-1979 / San Jose)

Jesus Was Gay

So then what if i'm weak
So what if I may squeak
Squeak a peak at another angle
Ill tangle your beliefs
Hopefully it? s your heart I can strangle
Till it beats less and less
I embers your timely death
Though I still fell wanted stress
This mess I confess cant test
To the rest who feel that
Its fun to point and laugh at me
Just to detest? go ahead I guess
People, life is a game of chess
I really never learned to play
I would really just love to lay
Lay this tired head for just one more day
What more should I say?
Shall I dare to say that I pray!
Shit, what if I said jesus was gay?
Would you stray?
Or would you keep your so called faith and stay?
To hear more shit that even your god couldnt convey
Someone please draw the curtains on this play.

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