(04 October 1943 / Germany)


The son of God,
his only one.
They nailed him
to the cross.
He died for us,
for all our sins,
his father sacrificed
his son,
to whitewash man.
Yes, it is hard
to fathom this.
And, do you know
of any man
who would,
with true conviction,
do noble deeds
like Jesus did,
just for his fellow man?

by Herbert Nehrlich

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and on a murdered tree, sanctioned by the Tasmanian government.
Bo Gotti (aka 'The Second Coming') would
you'll be given a good send off. out of the spirit of celebration, I give this 10/10
If you're leaving us Herbert you're leaving us with some of your best poems to date. Exemplary. all the best erwin