Jetliner Crashes

Rush hour and my four year old son is very tired.
merging into a long line of cars on the highway
barely able to see ahead through the heavy rain.
Suddenly a thunderous jetliner roar is heard overhead,
ears are deafened, as my little Josh starts to scream.

All motion freezes, with a sudden flash and a hollow blast.
I see fire.
Cars swerve, screeching to a stop,
one thought is pounding in my head; run…
Panic wedges fear between careening cars.

The driver’s door is jammed…I can’t get out!
Terrified, climbing over…
unlatching Josh’s seat belt.
The passenger’s door opens effortlessly.
Clutching Josh tightly, running from disaster.

Fleeing from the raging inferno…
Josh and I must escape and survive.
Running until exhausted,
dropping to shaking knees
faintly hearing, 'Are we okay, Mommy? '

Turning slowly,
seeing a plane in flames
as black rain falls from the sky.
Josh’s warmth calms my shivering,
reassuring me that there will be a tomorrow.

Red flashing lights, wailing sirens…
rescuers arrive helping survivors
find shelter in a nearby terminal.
Listening, grieving…
A jetliner has crashed, all on board are dead.

by Theresa Ann Moore

Comments (2)

WOW is this a true story...if not it's told so well it's believable....well done
Dear God Theresa! so glad you survived that one. May the dead rest in peace. Brought a bit more than a tear this did. Good to get it out I expect too? Great job. Give that kid a kiss from Tai, in de skies as Aciiiiiiid Test