Poem By Matt Burgett

Always reaching for the stars
But I just can't make it past the moon
harder and harder every day I try
back on a dying earth I will be soon

Every day is getting worse
Progression towards the better is failing fast
Foreshadowing my empty future
While I fall down everyone else is sailing past

Slipping now ever closer to home
I'm caught in the atmosphere all alone
Leaving me left with only the earth
I'll have all the time to regret my birth

Then as my feet touch the ground
I know I've been lost from sight
I've been left to live inside my mind
A planet to myself I know is not right

And after years with no return
I guess I will have learned my lesson
I will accept my fate and die alone
From space to the earth I have been jettisoned

Comments about Jettisoned

Good job of creating an aura of hopelessness.Strangely Dantesque!

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