Poets Land

When I feel I need to write my spirit takes
wings at once and begins to fly
Throughout my veins I get inspired
Somehow I get the feeling like being in paradise
Words begin flying around just I try to
catch them they arise at once up
I feel my soul rose up to air near them
I start following them and I get more inspired
Music note symbols begin chasing each
other throughout my heart veins
Sometimes a soft melody takes my soul
to legendary worlds
Sometimes the sad voice of the lute that I
adore the most
Takes my soul with it flies to heavens
I desert the world while I get inspired
Butterflies fly inside my heart
I go to another world its not the eart
Another world It's called poets land
Poets land is filled with pure emotions and delicacy of feeling
Everywhere is colored white and surrounded with wonderful roses
Angels wear baby blue veils with smiling faces
Every while and while angels cradle by
The adorable violin music makes angels cry
Ah another world its another place
Nowhere to human greed nor for haters ugly race only pure emotions will forever revive there.

by Sossi Khachadourian

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