Jewels Of Spirit

From the world of spirit we are,
In time we shall return,
On loan to this material world,
To gain knowledge and to learn,

Sent by the God of wisdom,
A jewel from the eternal force,
Where everyone is perfect,
For they all have their spiritual source.

Only when they touch the material,
Lead astray they become unsure,
Only then is that jewel unreal,
For within there lies a flaw,

So to all the jewels of spirit,
Let the light of God shine bright,
Be a jewel that always glitters,
Like the stars that dazzle at night.

Be proud that you are spirit,
Explain to them that are blind,
To learn all they can from this world,
To be helpful patient and kind.

When that jewel is returned,
It will have increased its value and more,
To sparkle with those in spirit,
Who live under spiritual law?

No matter what jewel you are,
Together you all will stand,
Treasures in Gods kingdom,
A wealth under his command.

by Malcolm Bradshaw

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