Jewish Blind And Disabled

Happy Tenants we are all,
Who live in our individual flat,
Supported and helped when required,
Jewish Blind and Disabled have provided that.

‘Who are these people? ’ ~ you do ask.
Why are they not well known?
Jewish Blind and Disabled provide flats,
So Tenants can live in their own homes.

A Worthwhile Cause it is you know,
Not supported as well as it should be,
Formed in the year Nineteen Sixty Nine,
So its Tenants could Live Worry-Free.

Let’s make it known throughout the Land,
Gain Support for its work ~ Today,
Lest those who’ll need its Future Help,
For a Flat ~ They’ll have to pay.

Come ~ Donate ~ Make our Work Known,
Help our Family Size increase, ~
So Tenants in Jewish Blind and Disabled Flats,
Will Live Out their Lives in Peace.

In Peace do we all hope to Live,
Whether Blind, Disabled or Poor,
For the Rest of our Days we have on Earth,
So Please give this Cause your Rapport.

Copyright © Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 2 August 2007

by Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

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I am neither Jewish, Blind Or disabled, well maybe slightley, peroneal nerve palsy, left leg..., but I did enjoy this poem and wish you well... Colin J...