CA (January 02,1962 / Lagos, Nigeria)

Jews’ Ennui Still Universe’s Savior

Judas staked his life for pittance in avarice
Joisted on a beam for derision and dishonor
Juxtaposed with thieves to corrupt his piety
Javelin taunts ribbed him of water and blood
Jesse’s root wrenched with pincers of hatred.

Earmarked eons before time as divine offering
Earnestly walked the path to the kindled altar
Entreaties of allies forsaken with wisdom of old
Echelons of religion stacked charges in unison
Effusions of loathing drowning all compassion.

Stripped of the robe of dignity for worthless wit
Striped for empty offences to fill envious desires
Strapped in ignorant mirth to fulfill heaven’s fiat
Strikes of pain from minions questioned his deity
Silence loudly responded to mystify foes and fiends.

Unpopular among brethren who stalked him as prey
Unbridled tongues in concert rallied words of infamy
Untamed mouths spewed forth blasphemies as fervor
Untainted but polluted by vile words spoken in folly
Unscathed by rude jeers of chained prisoners of Sin.

Subordinated deity faltered in agonized steps to victory
Suborned clique danced to orchestrated music of victory
Suicide played a defeating hand to traitor in real victory
Sanhedrin deftly wove a carpet of lies for mock victory
Sirens of celestial hosts blared to proclaim eternal victory.

Just ever so unjustly slain.

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Even though I am a Minister of the Lord Jesus, I will never know the pain that He suffered. The pain of betrayal and the pain of the burden of man's sins. Very well written piece. God Bless, Linda
An interesting and compelling write; noticed both occurrences of the acrostic pattern.