(14 January 1953 - / Lucknow / India)

Jharnaa (Waterfall) - A Hindi Haiku

jhar jhar jhar jhar -
pahaari dhalaan par
ek jharnaa nirantar


jhar jhar jhar jhar -
on the mountain slope
an endless waterfall

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I love the simplicity and the sound. After a long period of rain my own waterfall was very full and I had so many ideas and dipped deeper by getting into it: So full of such abundant flow, the infinite drops of heaven pour. I reach into the waterfall and find you, far away in a distant land as your hand falls like water from my grasp. All is transient. You left me raindrops strung out on the loose ends of spider threads.
In your haiku I hear the enduring sound of a waterfall, like a low call deep in the jungle. Although I do not know Hindi, I see the beauty of the word JHARNAA, which incorporates the sound of falling water. I wish English had a word like that for waterfall. CATARACT evokes precipitous rocks, but has no sound. CASCADE has an action but no sound. What would such a word sound like in English? RUSHFALL...SOUGH-FLING!
Superb, the metaphor for life...flowing continuously like life does.