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Pieces os Life
Ride on a zephyr

Parts of Life
On a wind

As Occular Sinister
As a left eye can be

Both are the same thing
No matter how it's put

Waves of sorrow
Just begun

The sickness
Of nervous twisting

A tornado swallowed
Swirling inside

No tangible remains
Memories kept in mind only

Everything seems lost
Ingested into the unknown

Hope rides a wave
Of unseen possibility

Undesired freedom
A new life not yet imagined

Is all lost
When true self is found?

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Comments (3)

Truth be known the true self changes.
the title went so far as to affect the way i read the poem, if that makes any sense. it kind of set the tone, as if a jigsaw had languidly wandered among the verses, weaving a cut in and out of them. and, yes, i am completely sober! Jake
OK, after reading the poem 5,6 times, i get it, it hits the self in a big way., remember, if theres a way in, then theres a way out...good job