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Jillian's Creed
CDP (march 1,1987 / cadiz city)

Jillian's Creed

behind the gates of life in a fading breath
I lay in deep silence at the edge of death
my flesh had mumbled in ghastly, terrene pain
as shivering winds blew with icy rain

the night is young and somehow endearing
though the weather is dreary so as what I’m bearing
along thou came a lack shrouds harpies as escorts
along with bats and ravens swarming in legions of cohorts

wavy tresses of ebony threads crowed their face so pale
flying in seductive grace below by the evening gale
thy fiery eyes burned like new born flame
gleaming like a candle in a grave with no name

thou stared at me breath thine feet with pity thine eyes
piercing through my soul like dagger as if thou hear my cries
thou knelt on the ground before me on that very place
and laid thy morbid hands on my blood stained face

thou laid me in thy cradle and the rain had stepped
with thy vicious fangs through my neck, blood started to drop
you took away my sufferings when i was forsaken by light
then you gave me life everlasting in the darkness of the night

thou gave me powers... one that i never had
beyond mortal comprehension, one they will never understand
thou gave me powers over death to span the ages of time
that i may never cease to exist and be departed from my rhymes

since to thee i hold this immortal legacy I owe
and thy leech-infested blood in my veins do flow
my allegiance shat always be to thee, my dear countess of the night
the servitude of this novice poet, will pleasure thine bidding as a knight....

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Comments (2)

whats this! ? an innocent poem for jillian or something else? ? hehe kidding! ! love it! ! love the verse, love the emotion and most especially-love the person..visit my poem sometimes..rhea
Nice gloomy poem Claire. Thanks for sharing.