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Jim Ed Huston

Known as the Waterford Lumberjack the man from Lismore
In Irish pubs and clubs for him many a rapturous encore
His name Jim Ed Huston one famed and widely known
Through years of travel and entertaining his reputation has grown

As a country singer few better than him
Not many country fans would not have heard of the talented Jim
From Ballyduff near Lismore he has traveled many miles away
Worked as a Lumberjack in Canada and a traveling entertainer in the U S of A

In Britain and in Ireland in the country music scene
He is loved by many as a true evergreeen
With the lovers of country his talents he does share
Sad to think that his kind are now becoming rare

The great gifts of song and music is a marvelous thing
On the World Wide Web i love hearing him sing
A well traveled fellow the decades he span
One can say of Jim Ed he's no ordinary man

Sad to say characters like Jim Ed have become a dying breed
Of many more of his kind the Human World is in need
Wherever he is at happiness does abound
He carries joy with him and spreads it around.

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