Poem Hunter
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)


Homicidal maniac
That’s what they called him
All boys of 9 are boisterous
That’s what I say
I saw him
Playing toy soldiers
Out in the garden
Rusted old arms
Blown to smithereens
We went and saw him
Long drive it was
49 k’s in summer heat
They didn’t know him
Pathetic guards called him
Father cried
Ah yes he remembered the days
My boys were strong
No need of a girl
No need of romance
Yet all the girls came
Torn apart
The mortician told us
Silly young girl
What had she done now
He would go walking
With his young fillies
Out in the bush
Like his father did me
He always came home
All dark and disheveled
Mud on his boots
And a tear on his shirt
One day they got wise
The stupid old Nazis
They followed him into
The hell he had sown
And so now we see him
5 times life is he serving
‘cos ya see they found ‘em
Well they only found bones
Chopped and carved memories
All he had stolen
Their lives they did give him
Unknowing end
Now jimmy sits waiting
For another life’s victory
My jimmy poor jimmy
What they did to him
It was them
Oh I told’em
Those infantile officers
The young one was foolish
He grinned as they left
But slowly I watch him
From youthful exuberance
My jimmy is old now
And still he’s alone
Pretty young blonde
Wrote to jimmy in prison
She told him she’d meet him
And so she did
5 years have passed now
My jimmy is happy
He tied a noose
Round her neck
Now she’s dead
6 times life now he’s serving
My beloved young jimmy
Soon his war will be over
His battle will end

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Great look back - well crafted!
Great look back - well crafted!