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Joan Hickey

Joan Hickey I remember from my schooldays though that was more than forty years ago
And she now lives distant from Inchaleigh near Millstreet from those old fields where the Finnow waters flow
She now lives in Clapham in London but she'll return to live
in Inchaleigh one day
The migrant may live distant from the Homeland but the Homeland from the heart not far away.

Joan Hickey was a beautiful young woman so down to earth and untainted by conceit
Her sons and daughters now are in their prime years and London's gain a huge loss to Millstreet
It has been many years since I've last seen her she is one that I readily can recall
She had a very happy disposition and that perhaps the greatest gift of all.

I fancy I see her walk up the Townhill with her school bag she walks to school again
Joan Hickey still a school girl in my memory and in my memory young she will remain
Where ever I go my past it seems to follow in dreams I hear Finnow gurgling along
And in the Spring the robin on the alder is carolling his territorial song.

Were I to meet her now I well may not recognize her for the passing of the years a facial change can bring about
But doubtless her personality would be intact and doubtless always goes without a doubt
And she would still have warmth in her greeting and she would still not find it hard to smile
And doubtless she is still the same Joan Hickey unconceited and free of any guile.

Joan Hickey one I always will remember she had about her such a charming way
And though she now lives distant from old Millstreet she will return to Inchaleigh one day
To live in the shadows of Clara Mountain where as a child she lived decades ago
Just a short walk from her Hometown of Millstreet and near to where the Finnow waters flow.

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