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Joan In Her Nineties

Speak as loudly as you wish since you she will not hear
Even though to her you are standing near
What you say of her will not bother Joan
For she cannot lip read and she is as deaf as a stone.

Joan in her nineties is looking quite frail
Deaf for six years and her sight starting to fail
She is self sufficent she lives on her own
And she does not socialize by many she is not known.

She used to be a social person but from social life she slowly withdrew
Yet to be self sufficent is quite an achievement for one of ninety two
Her loss of hearing makes it harder for her to communicate and in her very old age she
Is more comfortable and more at ease in her own company.

She does not feel frightened though loud noise to her is near
For noise never bothers her Joan does not hear
The years telling on her she looks frail and gray
But for one in her nineties she is doing quite okay.

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