Joan Of Arc

Got burnt at the stake;
She had a vision;
They thought she was a witch,
But she was a saint.

Got to die and suffer
To be a saint.
She saved France
For the time being.
It didn't last.

Maybe Joan was suicidal,
Needed to suffer,
She wanted to go to war
Kill English soldiers,
Said God told her.

She must have been crazy.
God wrote the Ten Commandments;
One of them is:
Thou shalt not kill.
So how could she
Go to war?

She must have been crazy
Out of her mind,
To think that killing
Was all right with God.
But she heard
'Onward Christian Soldiers'.

Marching as to war:
Kill, kill, kill,
The word of God.
Must have been
Out of her mind,
Sees visions and

Burn her at the stake
Barbecue that steak!
Eat that meat
Drink the blood,
Take in Jesus
And be saved.

by Victor Bloom

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This has great pace and rhythm, Victor