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Job's Patience
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Job's Patience

Poem By Lest Lemay

O land of Uz, in you a foe his protest lodged
Against God’s awesome grace
And thrust Job toward a giant growth of faith.

His tests severe: offspring slashed by sword,
Wealth wrought to naught, and body burst
Entire with agonizing boils,
Till succor ceased.

Accusing comforters
Assailed him without a trace of grace,
Raised against Job’s innocence
High indictments.

Job pled for death,
Yet glimpsed a life hereafter.
Job cried to God for meeting; but with Mediator.

O’er blind mazes he Faith’s scaffold formed
Upreaching, inequities acceding,
Till, tempest-throated, God to Job’s queries hied
... And Job? He died.

Died first to pride, then to self expired.
God’s questions left him still enmired;
But raised him up a better man—
Equipped to pray, forgive, and long
Inspire others when they dare to reach
Beyond what’s always been,
And Faith extend to God beyond our ken.

Job’s patience was not aimed at men.
No, he got God to answer him.

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