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Jobs For The Boys

The things that most politicians get up to it never do cease to surprise
Their statements are often ambigious and they have been known to tell lies
they play the game of nepothism which in bureaucracy they disguise
And of their own they do take good care, it is known as jobs for the boys.

Jobs for the boys and for the girls, the family and kin and the mate
Those with political power at their disposal advantages for those near and dear to them create
They say we do not practice nepothism and to our constituents we never lie
Of only caring for friends and relations they do seem at pains to deny.

So few politicians keep their word to them promises seem easy to make
But when they are voted into Parliament most of the pledges they've given they break
To go back in their word to them second nature they do not see wrong in deceit
To get voted in they put on the charm but most rogues at heart seem rather sweet.

Jobs for the boys is their motto, we've got to take care of our own
Though the politicians will tell you that nepothism in their ranks is unknown
They claim we legislate for the public but what they say few would believe
And never trust Parliamentarians for they have been known to deceive.

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