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Jodie (Written For Jodie: The Dog) I Remember You

Jodie! How wonderful you have been,
Playing joyfully and happily, good as ever,
I will never forget you jodie,
I will remember you forever.
But I try to remember the good times,
As I picture so vividly in my mind,
The happy times the good times,
For you were there...and kind,
Oh jodie you ran wildly,
But always ready to go,
Prancing around all excited,
But never ever slow!
Oh I'll never forget you jodie...
The name...Jodie

by Robert Gardner

Comments (2)

Robert...A really good poem for Jodie. well written.
I may need you,13 if you have a 140 plus iq, for i have a few math problems in need, Oh by the way excellent write 13.