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In her parents home in the high paddock she first saw the light of day
From the nearest big city in kilometers by road far away
A beautiful young country girl with curly locks of chestnut brown
She was a primary school student in the quiet old country town

Her childhood years they were happy cares from her seemed far away
With her year old brother Jack her only sibling in the gum wood children games she did play
These were happy years for Jody but as the wise one does say
Happiness comes for a visit but with you may not always stay

In her mid teens the lovely young Jody did hear voices in her head
Her friends they thought it rather strange so much so when to them she said
I can see god and the angels in paradise beckoning to me
Their way of inviting me to come and join them where life of is forever carefree

She told them she had visited heaven and it is such a beautiful place
Free of guns and bombs and people of violence a smile there on everyone's face
Her friends did not believe her stories thought she had been having them on
But wisdom comes to us from hindsight we do learn from what has gone

Her brother he found her in the wood hanging from the branch of a tree
She had found her way to go to heaven though her death grief for her friends and family
A kind and a beautiful person at a young age she took her own life
She did not live for to raise children or become any man's wife.

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