Yo, Yo, my name is Joe
I work at the neighborhood grocery sto'.
I put away cans
With my hands, up on stands.
But today was different, wondere what it could be,
The store felt bigger than my eyes could see
I walked around but tripped to the ground.
Ow, my knee!
It hurts! It bleeds!
And then I cried like a baby, boo-hoo!
I wished somebody would kiss my boo-boo.
But... it didn't happen so then I got up.
The customers were too loud so i told them to shutup.
Don't mess with the Hulk, you don't want to make him angry,
He'll beat you up and give you gang-green.
At the end of the day,
It got better, I'll say.
It's felt like I have had no leg all day longm
then I looked down and GASP! it was gone.

by Ashley Emerson

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