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Joe in the pub repeats the same story he so often has told us before
How in the nineteen sixty Grand Final he kicked a goal the winning score
He was shouldered from the football oval with the cheers of the fans in his ears
He is still living in the past glory now lost in the past decades of years.

He surely was a good footballer when he was in his physical prime
But only the true greats are remembered and memories of all others fade out in time
Still Joe he wants us to remember that he too had his glorious day
That he was a champion local footballer before the years had left his hair gray.

Everyone wants to be remembered are we any different to Joe?
Of his winning goal in the Grand Final he wishes everyone to know
It sailed between the posts to give his side a two points win as the final siren did blow
In September in nineteen sixty forty four Septembers ago.

Next June he will be turning seventy and on his birthday party he will surely recall
To all of his friends and relations his most treasured memory of all
When he was shouldered from the football oval and the joyful fans him did surround
On the day he became the Hometown hero and he was voted the best on ground.

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