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Joe And Ann

Whilst Joe is supposedly drinking with his mates down at the local pub
His wife Ann is out walking with the women's walkers club
At least that's what Joe think she is doing and he wishes to believe
That Ann to him is faithful and him never would deceive.

But Ann knows where her Joe is he is with his mistress Pru
At her flat and in bed with her enjoying an hour or two
Of love and sexual passion through whisperings of I love you
His passion is for Prudence whilst to Ann he says he's true.

And whilst Joe is having it off with Prudence his wife Ann is with Ted
In Ted's house a few streets away doing what most do in bed
And that she's missing out on her long walks she never does regret
She has found a more enjoyable way of working up a sweat.

With the way his love life is going Joe is feeling satisfied
And he feels happy to think that Ann is unaware of his 'bit on the side'
But thought has made a fool of him he is a silly man
To greatly under-estimate his very cunning Ann.

Perhaps the whole story it will be told to Joe one day
And deceit he'll come to realize is a game that two can play
And that woman kind are not as dumb as he made them out to be
And that Ann she is the bright one and the silly one is he.

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