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Joe And June

To the scythe of life's reaper we eventually will fall
It is a young person's World after all
Old Joe in his local pub can only talk of the past
But only memories of what was for him does last
He often talks of the day the regional one mile championship race he won
His mum and dad proud to claim him for their son
But many a season has gone by since then
And the hero of the past now one of the town's elder men
In the eyes of his long time soulmate and wife June he remains a great
She says he is one the town should celebrate
Grandsparents in their early eighties they both have known of a far better physical day
The once great athlete and his rose in decay
The young athletes of the town old Joe for his sporting achievements does not admire
To be olympic champions they only to does aspire
And though it has been a long time ago when in his last race he ran
In the eyes of his wife June he remains a great man.

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Rudyard Kipling


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