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Joe And Kate

Joe is a happy old fellow always with a smile on his face
Yet to see him with a sad look on his features for such there is no space
He is one of those who takes joy with him and always a pleasure for to meet
Wherever that happens to be at on the park, shopping center or the street
For one who is friendly and happy he does have a cranky old wife
Kate is not the sort of woman to bring joy to any man's life
Sixty years married they have nine great grandchildren of marriage this does seem a long time
There has been many sunsets and sunrises since Joe and Kate were in their prime
It is said that opposites attract with Joe and Kate it is this way
In ways they are very different but as married and together they stay
Both of them in their early eighties time has left them looking gray
In sixty two hundred and forty Seasons and in that many a night and day
Joe and Kate in ways quite different but between them there is harmony
It is said that opposites attract with them this is how it seems to be.

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