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Joe And Tim

Old Joe's big german shepherd Tim his protector and mate
Without Joe's permission will not allow anyone to enter his premises he stands guard at the gate
The old man says his faithful dog is his greatest living friend
For true mateship and protection on him he can depend

Old Joe a great grand dad lives on his own since the death of Jane his wife
He always feels safe as he knows his dog would defend him with his life
Tim a powerful black and tan three year old quiet and fearless one might say
Where Joe is you can feel assured Tim is not far away

Old Joe in his late eighties is frail and gray but one thing of him is clear
That the neighbourhood thugs will not bother him since Tim his dog they do fear
They would not dare burglar his house they fear the big dog's teeth
He may be frail but with his dog he feels the safest on the street

When Joe is out walking Tim is always at his side
On his devoted canine friend the old man takes great pride
Though frail and gray he know his dog the brave and faithful Tim
Without hesitation would give his life in defense of him.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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I enjoyed this sweet poem which exemplifies the relationship between man's best friend and his owner.