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Joe Blow

Joe Blow climbed to the summit of Mt Everest when he was twenty three
And swam in the Atlantic ocean from Greece to Italy
And in Northern Canada penned to the ground a full grown Kodiak bear
A legend in his own mind and men like him are rare.

In Winter in Antartica he walked to the South Pole
And in the World Cup Final he scored the winning goal
And he slept without a blanket in the Artic in fifty degrees below
A legend in his own mind is the mighty one Joe Blow

At the Local Pub on friday evening when he is full of beer
Stories of his imaginary exploits we are obliged to hear
The World's greatest teller of tall tales and it comes as no surprise
To learn that Joe when he is drunk he believes in his own lies.

Five or six years beyond the prime of life he is only thirty four
But Joe Blow is just a big fat man just that and nothing more
In his own mind a legend he believes his every lie
But apart from that he is harmless he would not harm a fly.

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