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Joe H

Joe H is a very nice fellow though social gatherings cause him distress
One who is a marvellous wordsmith but his barrier to renown bashfulness
He does not attend poetry gatherings and in public his poems he does not recite
And he does not talk of poetry to others though beautiful poems he does write.

Joe H is classified as anti social that's how they classify those who are shy
Why some people do not like socializing ask someone who knows better why
Perhaps 'tis his sensitive Nature that is weighing so heavily on Joe
Yet a nicer or a more gentle person than him one could not wish to know

In an age of heavy self promotion Joe H he seems so out of place
At local poetry and literary gatherings his is always an absent face
Lesser poets than he read their verses in public a thing that Joe never could do
The finest writer by far around these parts yet him and his works known to few.

Joe H is a very shy person not a member of any club
One might say he likes his own company even when he drinks in the pub
In his mid twenties and unmarried he finds it hard to socialize
And that he writes the most beautiful poetry to many comes as a surprise.

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