(June,1943 / Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada)

Joe's Camp

Come here
And sit with me
Beside this lake
On this mellow autumn day.

Come here
And watch
In these clear
Shallow waters -
Those minnows,
How Carelessly
They dart -
First here,
Then there
With little
Or no care
Of the world
Around and beyond them!

Now the wind,
Listen to the wind,
See it tease
Those leaves
From those trees -
And there,
Watch each leaf
As it spirals
And spins and slides
To the earth and the water below.

Look there -
See those ripples,
Watch as they
Grow and glide
Into nothingness.

Is so beautiful
In moments
Such as these -
So beautiful
That we hardly
Dare think
Of the complexity
And the simplicity
Of it all!

Dare we say “ Thanks! ”
For these moments?
For our happiness?
Dare we?

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

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Comments (2)

David, Yet again thanks for input - there is so much in life to be appreciated, to be thankful for. And a lot of it requires solely an open mind and openness to appreciate beauty in whatever its form. Ciao!
So many people walk with eyes closed to nature. We have to make people aware of natures beauty when ever we can. Lovely poem, thanks.