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Joe T

Joe T is a compulsive rhymer a fellow addicted to rhyme
His wife Elle left him for a non poet she says he is wasting his time
In composing his rhymes, poems and ballads the stuff he writes is slow to sell
He thinks one day he will be wealthy and famous though Elle says he pens doggerel.

Their marriage it lasted just ten months but she left him two years ago
As a husband he was not a good provider and hard work does not interest Joe
Her leaving him did not cause him heartache he did not beg her to come home
He wished her good luck with her new man and he penned to her a farewell poem.

Joe is convinced he will be wealthy and famous that the literary critics will yet come to realize
That he is the world's greatest living poet and for literature he will win the Nobel Prize
So he keeps penning his poems, rhymes and ballads and success he feels from him is not far away
And he feels assured he'll be famous long before he grows old and gray.

He reads his poems at poetry readings and always to a loud encore
And he feels so proud and so happy when his audience they beg him for more
And these people good judges of poetry so Elle his ex wife got it wrong
And like Joe says she's not very cultural she cannot tell a poem from a song.

Joe T is devoted to poetry and he says he will know wealth and fame
And he is convinced that in a few years his will be a world known name
And to most people he is no different he wishes to be loved and admired
And he keeps on penning his verses and he writes like a man inspired.

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