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Joe The Attendant

Joe the attendant at the Sturton Road tip
On political bureaucrats likes to verbally let rip
A well educated and well traveled fellow no doubt
Who does know what he is on about

Of his travels he has great stories to tell
Been to Africa and Europe and Asia as well
And in Australia has traveled far and wide
And been in many towns in the brown countryside

A man who in his life has been to there and has done that
For Australia's poor battlers he verbally goes to bat
If everyone were as broad minded as Joe
In Australia for all there would be a fair go

So much of the big World out there he has seen
And he remembers everywhere to where he has been
In his late sixties he has physically known a far better day
Though quite an engaging character of him one can say

So many stories of his travels he has for to share
The Joe's of the World to say the least rare
Like all in their late sixties his physical best days are gone
But one can say of him that he keeps on keeping on.

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