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John 3:16
JW ( / Freeport, IL, USA)

John 3:16

Poem By Jerry Wise

For something for us that is done.
God the only almighty and powerful one.
So Loved is a love so powerful we don't always comprehend.
The World is God's creation a lot of people don't understand.
That He did this because of his powerful love
Gave us a gift from the heaven's above.
His Only Son the Christ who died for our sin.
That is something we must do to let him in,
Whoever is all the people for God has made.
Believe is a trust and a faith that is to be laid.
In Him the Christ who died on the cross and rose again.
Shall Not is a promise against having a death in sin,
Perish in an everlasting lake of fire apart from Him.
But Have that tie of the promise that no one can sever.
Eternal Life is to live with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior forever.

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