John Bull

Have you seen John Bull lately?
Poor soul still carries himself stately
Within the fate that tie him bound
Kolanut and tobacco teeth browned
Horn-rimmed spectacles formed four eyes
To read what the newspapers wries

Hold on wait it's coming, it's coming
Five years wait, it's coming, it's coming
The promise they made
While he served his fatherland with his grade
Forty years
Civil servant's pension arrears
In a land flowing with milk
And honey. Government bilk

The money formed a lump
A piece here and there became a clump
Forty years
He served with pain and tears
Under the sun and while it rained
Promising souls in school he trained
To become leaders of tomorrow, glowing flowers
But leaders of today failed to leave the seat of powers

John Bull still reads the papers
Through the light of the tapers
Waiting earnestly for the benefit
He labored for while he was still fit
It's coming, it's coming
Body to bear the wait now numbing

by Anthony Seyi Abiodun

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