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*john Doe 3: 16
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*john Doe 3: 16

Poem By Ted Sheridan

In the Darkness
Under the investigation
100watt bulb
Spying on me
From above
Truth to Power
Face to Face
With a mirror from my past
I trade my sanity
For the insanity of the moment
My flask drained of
Holy water
An empty voice on the P.A. declares
Once and for all
God has left the building…

2009 © T.S.

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Comments (8)

A unique kind of poem Beautiful sharing
Way to hang O' shatterer of illusion. Faith is a crutch.
haha! ! superb write......................
In a veiled voice you unveil a fear... blinding light darkness emptiness anxiety felt I thought it was enigmatic...
Nice one, had a great roll to an outstanding ending