A (1060 – 7 February 1127 / )

John Is Arrested

Two princes then there were
who wielded sovereignty.
Books give their names
as Herod and Philip.
One of them was married
and had a beautiful wife.
By her he had a daughter,
who could not have been dearer to him.
He gave her an honorable upbringing
and had her well instructed
in many wonderful arts
and in playing the royal harp.
She danced like an acrobat;
her body was very agile.
After a short time it happened
that Philip passed away.
Herod was a wicked man.
I believe he began to desire
the love of his brother’s wife.
Those were insane thoughts.
She was called Herodias,
who soon gave in to him.
John, that truthful man,
the Lord Baptist,
opposed the marriage
and steadfastly condemned it.
To Herod he said:
“It leads to death.
Truly, listen to me when I say,
she will never make you happy.”
It annoyed the woman
that he had spoken against it.
As a result of her planning,
the holy man was arrested.
He was taken away
to Herod as a prisoner.
Into a dungeon,
to death they brought him there.
While John was teaching about God,
no one turned to his preaching.

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