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John Murphy Of Rathduane House

A powerhouse of a fellow well over six foot tall
Beside him even big men they look scrawny and small
John Murphy of Rathduane House Paddy and Mrs Murphy's son
At fields sports and weightlifting so many medals he's won.

With one younger sister Margaret and one younger brother Tim
And the eldest of the family Freda was a few years older than him
The Murphy's of Rathduane House they were known far and wide
Far distant from Duhallow and Ballydaly their home Countryside.

A gentle giant John Murphy though he was very strong
He could lift and throw the big weights, run and kick the football long
He was at his best when Lou Buckley and the Connors and Jim Twohig were in their prime
Those great athletes of Ballydaly would inspire a bard to rhyme.

Perhaps he is not the man he once was the years do leave us slow
The hero of Ballydaly from all of those years ago
But him we do remember when Duhallow Sportsmen come to mind
A stronger man than big John would be quite hard to find.

John Murphy of Rathduane House has known a better day
But that can be said of all of us we all grow old and gray
One of the strongest ever between Rathmore and Millstreet
At weight throwing and weight lifting he was the one to beat.

by Francis Duggan

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