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John's World
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

John's World

Poem By Marilyn Lott

Born to poor but loving parents
He's become an amazing man
He truly adores his Oklahoma
And that brilliant red dirt land

Working hard and being faithful
To his God, family and friends alike
He never takes anything for granted
Always wants to make things right

His heritage is deep-seeded too
For he adores his Ireland
Fiercely loyal to his homeland
This ancient and sacred land

Taking what he was always taught
He carved out a treasured life
Formed a strong God loving home
With his children and adoring wife

And so a lovely home was created
That was warm and safe and secure
He learned about pride and graciousness
The kind of life that will endure

He feels a sense of thankfulness
For where his life has led thus far
He knows how to capture memories
Perhaps this will be in his memoir

So with John's loving family
With the hobbies that he collects
I'll bet that there are few if any
Things that this man regrets

And through these unique pages
That John creates for us to see
I don't think he really realizes
How special he is to you and me!

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